About Me 2


(Boy)———————————————————————————-> (2nd Girl)

Woah! A new about me page whooo! Kewlz yay! Well lets see my favorite animal is… of course frogs, but my favorite favorite type of frog is actually I don’t know maybe it’s hmmmm this is tough to think about. I don’t want to pick!!!!!!!!!! Also my name is Katie Frog (Frog chosen last name) and I love being outside and exploring random places like neighbor hoods I don’t recognize, and I like exploring every bit of my friends house. (hehe nosey friend, not to nosey though) My favorite place to be is most likely in a forest like area with water with my froggy kin. I love skittles TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!! And My favorite colors are green and blue. My favorite flower is Daffodils or Narcissus there the same thing. My birthday is March 29 and I have two dogs named Moose and Gizmo and a frog named Jasper Berry or just Jasper. Also I’m a girl. And that sort of concludes the end of my about me page.

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