Where I Would Go…


Photo Credit: Big Dave Diode via Compfight cc
If I were to travel the world… I would most likely go to Europe. Europe seems like a nice place to go. Also I would go to Mexico maybe for some special festival. Another place I would like to go is Hawaii, New York, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Virginia, China, Japan, Grand Canyon in California, and maybe to Texas. I kinda only really want to travel the U.S.A before I go to different continents.

How I would plan to go to these places I do not know. I guess I would need A LOT of money. Unless I get scholarships for these travels. Still it would be a bunch of money!! Hmm… if I were to go to these places I would use a plane. (Not for Dutch Bros. or Starbucks.) Using the air is the quickest way of transportation I believe, I could use a boat to these places, but naw I don’t wanna. It would probably give me seasickness ewwww!

I would really like to go to Virginia ’cause I have family there and it would just be great to visit them again. Well I guess right now I don’t really want to travel. I guess I’m not that type of person. That’s a reason why this blog isn’t that interesting to me at least maybe to you it wasn’t oh whatever. Come to my new friend Alasia’s Blog! She has great blogs and once she gets done with her weeks blog you can read it bye bye!

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