The One Place Where I Haven’t Looked Yet


Photo Credit: johnnysam via Compfight cc

Dark, damp and lonely hope not showing

Broken heart in a maze

Tangled and torn.

Scary and evil no where to run

Crying to heaven for what they haven’t done.

Inside a lock, but where is the key

Just a door locked away from me.

Broken and not loving

Forever not knowing

Which way to turn inside this maze.

There is an end,

But a cost to it

So Expensive it’s not worth it,

But I bet it’s a trick,

And this is a place where I haven’t looked yet.

One thought on “The One Place Where I Haven’t Looked Yet

  1. Hi Katie,
    I’m Colby. I also enjoy being loud and having fun. I also love your poems! Believe it or not, but someone you keep in touch with *katie110gst* is actually in my class! at my school!!. I found you on the student blogging challenge. I saw you were 13 and thought you were one of those people who wrote great poems! and guess what, I was totally right!!!
    Best Regards

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