Too Many Questions!

It’s that time again I have to do a blog adit… ugh ūüėź¬†Lets see question

#1: How many posts did you write? I wrote um… I wrote around fifteen posts ya a lot I guess.

#2: How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? Ok so 10 of them were challenged based one of them was school based called The Darkest Hour By: Erin Hunter, and that leaves four that was my own interest.

#3:¬†How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I’ a loner uh… so I got six comments from people. COMMENT MORE ON MY BLOG! Well if you read it this is a polite way to say comment on my blog. (Or just strait forward.)

#4:¬†Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? Well the posts that got the most comments I believe was because nobody wants to be the first commenter (except me, but I’m weird so…) or it’s because I asked a question I dunno I’m not the commenters.

#5:¬†Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? The post I enjoyed the most was probably um… just ALL the poetry posts of my own interest or Student Blogging based. It is a way to give myself with writing that people didn’t really ever notice I had in me. (Lol so many inner selves.) Also if I ever do lol when I say it I don’t go L.O.L I say it as a word hehe. On to the next question.

#6: Did you change blog themes at all and why? I didn’t really change my theme or background… if I do so I feel like this isn’t my internet home whaaa.

#7:¬†How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I have I believe too many widgets I don’t really like some of my vokis like maybe the how to talk to my turtle… ya. Also I have twenty widgets just enough, yay!

#8:¬†How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have zero sometimes I just forget… or I just don’t want strangers on my blog roll.

#9:¬†Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I used compfight, vokis, bunniehero, and Abowman. Ya I have some vokis I don’t like… I might delete them…

#10:¬†For those of you who participated in both the fall and spring challenges, share how you grew as a blogger over the course of the year. This might be about your actual written posts or blogging know-how, but it could also be about your ability to connect with other bloggers.¬†Ok so if you know me you would know that I am a person who did both the blogging challenges. How I grew as a blogger I grew greatly. Before I was doing these blogs I was doing classpress and that’s so boring! It feels like you’re trapped in a tiny box on that blogging ¬®thing.¬® So I grew greatly and I feel quite proud about Blogging Challenges now doesn’t feel like I’m trapped. Did I connect with you? Uh… maybe I dunno ‘CAUSE YOU GUYS DON’T LEAVE COMMENTS!! Wwwwwwwhy…¬†anyways¬†the people who do leave comments I guess I connect with you peoples or persons¬†is that going to annoy you it does for me… I connected with you yay. Ok lets go on to someone who has never been on my blog.

Here are some questions for my big sister:

#1: What were your first impressions of this blog? It was cool… sure it had a broken heart on it.

#2: What captured your attention? “The big picture at the top” captured her attention.

#3: What distracted you on the blog? The fact that none of the plug ins worked (on the phone.)

#4: What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Write more. Yep that’s it byyyyyyyyyye guys!!!


Dear Heart….


Photo Credit: bored-now via Compfight cc

Dear Heart,

Your Distorted in looks,

Alone in a world

With No love or passion.

Curses falling into a pool

At your feet it lies.

You seem not interested

What’s at your feet I wonder?

Is it something bad or good.

Are you never going to tell me?

The curiosity is killing me.

So tell me what’s going on

I need to know.

Don’t tell me to go…

I’m alone too ya know.

Well I guess we can talk another day.

Oh ok…




Photo Credit: Doc. Di0 via Compfight cc              Photo Credit: justinbaeder via Compfight cc

Well you guys all guessed the topic I chose to write about. Yep FROGZ fo days on end. So this is a fun topic for me hehe. Some may say I’m obsessed with frogs, but who can say that really hehe so my favorite frog changes each week and I know I have written about my favorite frog (for that week) before so I won’t now last time it took around an hour for me to figure out my favorite frog for the week. Hmm… My second favorite animal must be salamanders or chickens mhm.. um I don’t know I just dunno!

My favorite mythical animal must be a phoenix!!! If you don’t know what a phoenix is it’s a mythical flaming bird that lives a long time. Also when they die they can rise from their ashes and become a baby. Anyways a little off topic so on to the topic of frogs. Ok here is a random fact argentine horned frogs will shed layers of there skin in very small parts and eat it as food. Thats why some frogs are slimy its because of their skin coming off. Also some people think frogs are slimy because they are wet WRONG they’re not really slimy just wet.

If you dry a frog with a paper towel or something it would be dry. Not slimy. Sorta like a snake, snakes aren’t slimy just scaly. Fun fact #1 The Belcher Snake is a ocean snake. Fun Fact #2 The Belcher snakes are recorded (from the sources I have gotten) to be the most venomous snake species in the world!!!! Fun Fact #3 I have realized this isn’t about frogs. Fact #4 The Tanpain snake is the most deadliest¬†snake on land. Fun Fact #5 A little bit of¬†mg from Taipan snake venom is enough to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice. Also go HERE to read more about where I got the snake information.

So ya guys bye thanks for reading this really long blog. Maybe a little confusing when I said lets talk about frogs oh nevermind lets talk about snakes YAY. Also If you’re afraid of snakes I would like to know your reasoning down in the comments. Hmm… If you’re afraid of frogs too tell your reasoning and personal story of why you’re afraid of frogs. katiefrog01 out!

FishSticks and LilyPads


Photo Credit: hugovk via Compfight cc

For                                                      Love yourself always

If I                                                       In more ways than one

Speak I will                                       Love

Hail to death.                                   Your friends and enemies be

So be it my                                        Passionate

Time                                                  Always,

I shall die                                         Demand your

Can it be this                                   Strength!

Kindness that

Spares me?


The One Place Where I Haven’t Looked Yet


Photo Credit: johnnysam via Compfight cc

Dark, damp and lonely hope not showing

Broken heart in a maze

Tangled and torn.

Scary and evil no where to run

Crying to heaven for what they haven’t done.

Inside a lock, but where is the key

Just a door locked away from me.

Broken and not loving

Forever not knowing

Which way to turn inside this maze.

There is an end,

But a cost to it

So Expensive it’s not worth it,

But I bet it’s a trick,

And this is a place where I haven’t looked yet.

Where I Would Go…


Photo Credit: Big Dave Diode via Compfight cc
If I were to travel the world… I would most likely go to Europe. Europe seems like a nice place to go. Also I would go to Mexico maybe for some special festival. Another place I would like to go is Hawaii, New York, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Virginia, China, Japan, Grand Canyon in California, and maybe to Texas. I kinda only really want to travel the U.S.A before I go to different continents.

How I would plan to go to these places I do not know. I guess I would need A LOT of money. Unless I get scholarships for these travels. Still it would be a bunch of money!! Hmm… if I were to go to these places I would use a plane. (Not for Dutch Bros. or Starbucks.) Using the air is the quickest way of transportation I believe, I could use a boat to these places, but naw I don’t wanna. It would probably give me seasickness ewwww!

I would really like to go to Virginia ’cause I have family there and it would just be great to visit them again. Well I guess right now I don’t really want to travel. I guess I’m not that type of person. That’s a reason why this blog isn’t that interesting to me at least maybe to you it wasn’t oh whatever. Come to my new friend Alasia’s Blog!¬†She has great blogs and once she gets done with her weeks blog you can read it bye bye!

One, Two, Three Eyes On Me

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Ok… least favorite blog. UGH! Well at first I saw someone new commented on my blog so I went to theirs and was like whoooo comments fo days. So I really like her blog and if you want to go there click HERE her names Katie like mine YAY! So I really liked her blog because if you don’t know me I LOVE mythical creatures. (Even if they’re evil.) I always find ways I can relate to fantasy creatures… ALWAYS! Ok lets go onto the next person.

Ok so here’s the next person called Alexandra and her blog is quite kewl. So click HERE to go to her blog. So her blog is about music and how it’s great and I kinda left a unrelated comment saying I’m not afraid of the dark I’m afraid of what’s IN the dark… so ya. Not really about music. Just a small bit in her poem. Also I LOVE poems so hopefully all of these are poems lets just keep hoping. Ok NEXT!

Ok the next person I went to comment on was Tajia and to get to her blog come HERE. So this person’s blog is quite interesting it’s about nature and stuffz what I really enjoyed about it was it talked about FROGS freakin frogs! You could probably always win me over with anything frog related. True dat sir true dat. Also it’s poetry I really enjoyed it ’cause it’s nature. So bye fo now guys BYE BYE!


Somewhere Along The Way…

I’ve noticed something no one can find.4623827823_ea23357a54

It’s along the way inside my mind.

I can’t describe the wonders it holds.

I have to dull it down to words.

So what you read is all I can handle to give you a sniff of the candle.

This world is along the way of any direction.

You have to think hard or it wont happen.                   Photo Credit: chuckthewriter via Compfight cc

If you don’t get there that means you’re not fit to go.

So when you’re too tired to go on you’ll meet me beyond,

And there you will meet me in a dream so you will see what I mean by it’s somewhere along the way.

Unexpected Island Vacation


Photo Credit: Ippei & Janine Naoi via Compfight cc

I have been stranded on this island by myself… ok I’m not by myself, but I wish I was. I’m with my family ugh… my brother randomly freaks out and has these drama moments of “We are never getting away from here!” and then he starts crying and it’s sad… the kind of sad that it’s pathetic. So I’m now exploring this island because we got no computers or T.V., and it’s a very very very big island. Um… I just realized… how am I going to get back to our camp? Nooooooooooooo. Oh nevermind it’s not that sad freeeeeeeedom! I’m now bored… one minute later¬†I can’t take this anymore!!!¬†I might as well make a fort while I’m here, away from the animals. Wait how are there animals on this island… the world will never know.

Let’s see I could make a treehouse yep I’m going to make a tree house. One hour later.¬†I did it… I’m hungry now. I NEED FOOD!!! :I Where am I going to get food… I might as well TRY to make some traps, I guess. Hmm… I found some sticks and vines. Now um… I could be like the people on T.V. with making a trap hooked to a tree and a animal steps in it they get pulled up and DIE! HA HA HA HA! Oh, I don’t know how to make one of those traps. So I could make one of those box traps. I DON’T HAVE A BOX!!! The agony! Wait I can see my Mom “MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM… MOM LOOK IM IN A TREE!” Yay I found my Mom or she found me. Did she know I was here the whole time? Or did she use the Motherly senses? I guess it doesn’t matter ’cause shes here now.

Well we moved camp into this tree house… sad thing is it was like really close to the camp which is on a cliff overhanging the ocean. lol not lol, lol again and none of this Laugh Out Loud stuff just as the word says lol. Hmm… I’ve noticed lol looks ¬†like a fish. I’m bored again… wait I have a solution I’m going to make a loling fish in the sand so it looks like this —> (O)lol(O) It’s a fish… BORED!! I’M SO BORED! Wait theres a boat! “Light the FIRE!” exclaims Mom, As Spongebob said WERE SAVED! WERE SAVED! WERE SAVED! And that ends my unexpected island Vacation. Also come to ma doggy friend’s blog HERE and see what she did for week six.